Natalie Dormer - People Magazine - October 2014Photographed by Simon Emmett

Natalie Dormer - People Magazine - October 2014
Photographed by Simon Emmett

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The constant struggle of trying to tell if you’re just having a bad day or if you’re getting bad again

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 In case anyone is having a bad day or night, or has anxiety or trouble sleeping, animalplanet-toocute has a live puppy cam all day and night: They’re literally all snuggled up together and they wake up sometimes throughout the night and play with each other. 

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fun date idea: pay for my tattoo

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4am is the new 10pm

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i am just very uncomfortable with the way i am perceived like there’s a disconnect between my actual identity and the identity ppl assume i have and it makes me uncomfortable and stressed out

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when you smile, a fading star finds the power to shine again

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do you ever feel like having too many feelings that you just might explode

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